Introducing Agent Grad School: The Online Business School for Real Estate Agents

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Feeling like there’s got to be a better way to get clients?
A way that feels more “you”?

Proven modern marketing and business strategies that work so well, you’ll have clients coming to you.

For the modern real estate agent who wants a consistent, sustainable and hugely profitable real estate business without having to chase leads, bug everyone you know, use sales-y old school tactics, post on social media all day or spend thousands of dollars per month for online leads.

You didn’t become a real estate agent to follow other people’s rules.

Toss the old school and sleazy tactics like door knocking, calling everyone you know and driving all over town.  

No more networking events, no more lunch or coffee dates. (You know you’d secretly rather stay home in your sweats and slippers anyway!) ;-)  

Don’t spend thousands of dollars a month on online leads to only have to drop everything and meet strangers at houses.   

You can stop giving half your commission away in referral fees, too.  

What you need instead is a proven blueprint for real estate success that brings out the best in you.

A real estate business that's as unique as you are.

You can enroll now and save $300 off every single month.

There'S a much better way

Throw out everything you’ve been told about how to get clients.

More of what you want and less of what you don’t.   

Welcome to Agent Grad School: Where agents go to crush it in real estate on their own terms.


A real estate business where you do less to have more…

Less running around…
Less chasing…
Less disappointment… 
Less anxiety.  

Agent Grad School is a go-at-your-own pace program that will help you master the skills it takes to have a sustainable, consistent and hugely profitable real estate business.

You struggle with having enough clients consistently (your income is up and down/unpredictable).

You want to do LESS running around to get clients but want MORE clients than you have now.

You are open minded to try new things, roll up your sleeves, and put in the work to create a truly unique, truly outstanding real estate business for both you and your clients

You want to create such a memorable experience for your clients that they want to work with you again the next time they need to buy a home and tell all their friends about you in the meantime :)

You want to know exactly how to build a profitable and sustainable real estate business for the long-haul and not looking for a get rich quick scheme 

You want to learn how to attract the exact type of clients you are best at helping and that love working with you, too.

You don’t like traditional ways we are taught to get clients. Things like door knocking, calling people, driving around dropping off pies, posting constantly on social media, or buying leads. 

You want to know, with absolute confidence, what to do when you get a lead—what to say, so they turn into an actual client. No more guessing and trying things that don't work.

You’ve been trying this real estate thing for a while and feel like clients keep slipping through your fingers (or choosing to work with other real estate agents instead of you) and you are frustrated.

You are a new real estate agent who wants to start your real estate career off on the right foot—no wasting time or money getting the clients you need.

Agent Grad School

 is for you if…. 

Jordan, Agent Grad School Student

"The trainings and content are amazing! I learned so much more than I even expected."

a proven blueprint for real estate success that brings out the best in you.

Agent Grad School


Agent Grad School starts with a core curriculum of 6 modules:

Here’s what You’ll Get Inside Agent Grad School


Attract the exact clients you want right to you

Convert leads and clients into consistent monthly sales

Generate repeat clients and referrals without having to ask for business 

Create a repeatable system you can use for every buyer and seller client so you know what to do, when to do it and how. No guesswork and less stress.  

This is the framework you’ll use to:

Building a successful real estate business is like building a house.

You need a blueprint that’s proven to work to build the type of house you want. Plus, you need to make sure you are building a strong foundation that will stand the test of time, so that you can thrive even during a downturn. 

In this module you’ll be given the proven five step framework to build your successful real estate business.  

The Agent Grad School Blueprint: A Proven Framework for Building A Sustainable, Consistent, Scalable and Hugely Profitable Real Estate Business


By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear roadmap and rock solid foundation to grow your real estate business.  


Use your past experiences, interests and personality to craft your own unique marketing plan

Eliminate competition by differentiating yourself from every other real estate agent out there

Have clients coming to you, rather than you having to convince people to work with you 

Market yourself without bugging people—no phone calls, no driving around, no door knocking

Become known as an expert in your marketplace 

In this crucial module, you’ll learn:

The sign of good marketing is having all the clients you need and want coming to you, wanting to work with you and only you.  

You don’t need overly sales-y, old school tactics that feel sleazy to both you and your clients. Instead, you need modern marketing techniques that attracts the clients you want to work with right to you.  

Marketing YOU: How To Get Clients Coming To You


By the end of this module, you’ll confidently know how to get clients coming to you and know exactly why they should choose you over every other real estate agent in town. 


Why more leads aren’t always the answer

What to say to a new lead so they are excited to work with you

How to stop meeting strangers at houses and what to do instead

How to get someone from knowing about you to wanting to work with you as client

In this module you’ll learn:

Leads are great, but what good are they if you can’t consistently and easily turn them into clients? Stop feeling like leads are slipping through your fingers and have a step-by-step process to turn them into your favorite new client instead.  

You’ll get my exact emails, scripts and even the “homework assignment” to give your leads to more easily turn them into clients when you first meet them. No matter how long you’ve been an agent, you’ll be converting more leads using our conversion scripts than ever before.  

PLUS, you’ll get the buyer and listing presentations I used to sell more than a home per week! You can simply download my templates in Canva, personalize them with your name and photo and use them in your own real estate business.   

Consistently Convert Leads Into Clients and Sales 


By the end of this module you will learn how to convert more leads into actual clients. You’ll have a very clear process and even scripts and templates you can personalize and make your own that will stop clients from slipping through your fingers and working with another agent instead of you. 


My step-by-step process for helping buyers find the best home for their budget, no matter how competitive your market is. 
How to eliminate buyer’s remorse

My formula for a successful sale you can swipe and use for all your listings

How to help clients buy and sell at the same time 

in this module, you'll learn:

Once you have a client, now the fun (and the real work) starts, but for a lot of agents, they aren’t communicating enough with their clients.  

You’ll learn exactly what to say throughout the buying and selling process to keep your clients engaged and happy.  

You’ll also get my out-of-the-box strategies to systematize the buying and selling process. Helping your clients becomes a structured, systemized process and a whole lot of fun. 

The During Phase: Successfully Do What They Hired You To Do


At the end of this module, you’ll will have created a unique client experience that is truly one-of-a-kind, eliminates your clients’ buyer remorse and has sellers raving about how amazing you are to all their neighbors. 

(But Do It In A Way That Has Them Telling Everyone How Great You Were)


Exactly what you should be doing and saying every week to your clients while they are under contract 

How to never miss a deadline and always keep your clients updated before they ask for one.  

How to create an automated system that can communicate to all parties in the transaction—you’ll have an automated way to communicate with the other agent, your own clients lender and the title company at the perfect time so nothing falls through the cracks

In this module you’ll learn:

Going under contract is exciting, but there’s still so much to do. Most agents spend way too much time on this phase of their business. Instead, you need an automated system to communicate with all parties in the transaction, especially your clients who need your help keeping them on track and their anxiety down.  

Plus, you’ll get my exact workflows you can use in your own CRM so you can spend less time in the under contract phase, while everything gets done for you on time and automatically. 

The under contract phase should take you way less time than it does now. You just need to learn how to automate this part of your business so you can spend time doing way more fun things than managing everyone involved in the transaction.

The Under Contract Phase:


By the end of this module, you’ll know exactly when and what to communicate to all parties in the transaction to keep everyone on track, especially your clients, during this often anxiety-ridden phase in the buying and selling process. 


A keep in-touch system that is scalable

Has you spending LESS time keeping in touch with clients, not more, as your business grows

Doesn’t involve stopping by people’s houses or calling to bug them every few months

Positions you as their go-to resource for all things real estate.

Create raving fans, referrals and repeat clients without you having to ask for them.  

In this module, you’ll learn:

As I always say, “If you have to ask for business, your business isn’t working.”

Think about it…why are we told to call or visit past clients to get clients? No other professionals in your life call you and ask for clients from you, do they? Your doctor, accountant and financial advisor don’t call you every few months asking you who you know that needs help, so why should real estate agents? 

Regardless of what you are being told elsewhere, your clients don’t want you bugging them for business. They don’t want your gifts or to have lunch or coffee with you—they are busy.  

Instead, you need a way to stay in touch with them.

The After Phase
Keep in touch with past clients easily after the transaction, get repeat and referral business without having ask, drive all over town, or make annoying phone calls. 


By the end of this module, you’ll have a system to keep in touch with your past clients that brings you referrals and repeat clients without you having to spend hours driving around, calling people every few months, having lunch dates or asking who they know that might be buying or selling soon.  

—Kristin, Agent Grad School Student

I am so energized and I’m enjoying the process of “lead generation” using your techniques and suggestions for the first time since I got my license!

"Thank you for what you’ve put together in Agent Grad School, and for sharing your knowledge and experience."

I don’t want to just teach you things, I want to make implementing them into your own business as easy as possible.

But, I don’t stop there. 


Pre-Listing Presentation: You’ll learn that listing presentations are NOT the way to get listings. Instead, sellers will want to work with you before you even walk in the door using our pre-listing strategy and template.   

Client Exit Packet: Use this at the end of the transaction to let your client know they can still always count on you even though the transaction is over 

Home Inspection Checklist: A quick way to prep sellers for what to expect during their buyer’s home inspection and set the stage for a great negotiation. 

Sell It Fast Guide: For clients who need to prep and sell their home in a hurry

Do I Need Staging? Guide: Stop convincing people they need staging! Give them this guide to do the talking for you! 

Expired Listing Guide: Use this to help expired listings get their homes sold with you

“A Little About Me” Brochure: An 11-page brochure you can customize and send to new leads

Open House Kit: Customizable printable to use at your open house to welcome visitors

At every step of your client’s journey, you’ll have plug and play templates you’ll be able to personalize for your business. Simply add your name, company, and contact information and go or change the entire color scheme to match branding you already have.

Customizable Canva Templates

Included in Agent Grad School are these handy Canva templates you can personalize and use as your own to get more clients:

And so many more! Every module in Agent Grad School has corresponding Canva templates you can download, customize and use in your own business quickly and easily.  

Plus, you’ll
also get:

Your website Should be The lead generating machine of your you don't have to be. 

Having a website is not optional anymore. But, just having a website isn't enough.  It HAS to bring you leads and clients too. 

Most real estate agent websites are not built for converting visitors into clients.  Ours are.  You get one free when you join Agent Grad School.

Choose from one of our six website templates designed to convert casual visitors into leads and clients plus get click-by-click how-to videos to get your website up and running quickly. Need more help? You can join our weekly Wednesday Website Workshops to get any personal help you need. 

A Website Template

Stop sending email newsletters nobody reads and start sending a weekly email that brings you clients.  

There is an art and science to having a newsletter that brings you clients. There is a very specific reason most newsletters don’t work to bring in clients. I’ll tell you why and show you how to have one that does.

I sent a weekly email to my clients for a decade. It was the only marketing I did to create a million dollar per year real estate business. I never bought any leads, I never placed any ads. I give you every word I used and show you how to personalize my content so it becomes your content. Plus, I give you artwork you can use to post the content on social media too.  

A Complete Communication System

Today’s market moves fast. You can’t possibly remember to do everything that needs to get done and remember to do it all at the perfect time.

That’s why every successful real estate agent needs a CRM to do most of the work (or at least keep you on track). A CRM can replace the need for an assistant until you get to at three transactions a month, saving you a ton of time and money. I use the Realvolve CRM for my business and I worked with them for months to create workflows that mimic the Agent Grad School system you’ll be implementing in your own business. You’ll need to pay Realvolve for the CRM, but you get all my workflows for FREE so your CRM can be up and running and replicating the Agent Grad School system in your business within minutes.  


Stop Wondering What To Post On Social Media. Instead, have a beautiful feed AND a strategy that turns scrollers to clients.

If you want to be on social media, you need a strategy to turn social scrollers into serious clients. There is an art and science to this. You need a strategy and you need a beautiful feed. We give you both. Stop spending all your time on social media and spend time with your clients instead.  

One of our bonuses is ‘How To Post A Week’s Worth of Social Media In An Hour A Week.” We give you a strategy and we give you Canva templates so you have artwork to post. Post it as-is or change it to match your personality, your market, your company’s colors and your brand.

social media done-for-you

—Amy, Agent Grad School Student

"I’m making more money than I ever thought was possible and without spending hardly any time or money trying to get clients."

I can’t even figure out how to log in to Netflix half the time. Take it from someone who quickly gets overwhelmed by technology, if I can do this, so can you.  

We’ll take it step-by-baby-step together. I wanted to make sure technology didn’t stand in anyone’s way from having a successful real estate business, so I even created click-by-click how-to videos for any technology I teach you to use to grow your business.

Even if you aren’t tech savvy, Agent Grad School is for you.

In just a few hours per week you can say finally say goodbye to all those old-school sales tactics that require you to run around all over time and completely transform your business for the better from the comfort of your own home. 

get it right, and use your time wisely.

Every training, every coaching call is online so you can access what you need from anywhere, anytime and go at your own pace. Because building a successful real estate business should fit into your life, no matter what else is you have going on.  

All Classes and Trainings 100% Online.

You can be a student for as long or as little as you want. No year-long contract to sign. Cancel anytime. Kind of like Netflix, but for your real estate business. You’ll get immediate access to trainings and resources and we are adding more all the time! 

Agent Grad School Is a Go At Your Own Pace Program.

—Agent Grad School Student

“I’ve learned more in the last 4 months than I have in the last 15 years as a real estate agent.”

You’ll have Support

The Student Portal
A gorgeous online platform where you can learn online anytime from anywhere.

Bonus Lesson of the Month 
Guidance and step-by-step how-tos on what you should be working on right now in your business.

Click-by-Click Tech Tutorials 
You’ll be doing new things to grow your business, using technology to do less and have more. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to be tech savvy to make this work for you. You’ll have click-by-click tech tutorial videos you can reference every step of the way.   

Recorded Replays
Don’t worry if you ever need to miss a live session. They are recorded and placed in the student portal the same day so you’ll never miss a thing.  

From a website template, to lead generation templates, to templates you can use for social media, you won’t have to guess or pull your hair out working with a designer on your own.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls & Office Hours With Jennifer
We have two to four calls per week, each and every week, so you are bound to be able to get the help you need live. Our call topics rotate from weekly office hours to weekly website workshops to even mindset and goal setting calls.  

every step of the way

Lauren, Agent Grad School Student

"I have more clients coming in than I have had in the past 7 years working in real estate. And I don't even work 40 hours per week. This is a guaranteed formula for success."

You decided to become a real estate agent for a reason. 

You can keep looking around at what every other agent in your office is doing and hope for the best…


You can learn from someone who tried all that already and found a better way.

Think back to when you first decided to become an agent. What did you imagine life would be like? More time and money to do what you love, with who you love? A flexible schedule? A life and business on your own terms? 

Whatever you pictured, that life IS possible and having a successful real estate career can help you make it a reality.  

Having a thriving real estate business is just a springboard to create everything else you want in your life.   

Being a profitable real estate agent isn’t just about selling more houses. It’s about taking full responsibility for your own success.  

You and you alone are in complete control of your outcome, your income, the successful real estate business you’ll create, and the life you want outside your business too.  

I know this first hand. Being a real estate agent for over 17 years and personally (with no team) helping more than 1,000 buyers and sellers find their way home, I can tell you that building a truly successful real estate business—one that feels good to both you and your clients—is the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you can have in this lifetime.

When you create this kind of real estate business, anything you want for your life is possible. I have personally experienced this and I can’t wait to show you how you can do it, too. Which is why, I’d love for you to join me inside Agent Grad School. 

I give you everything I used to create a wildly flourishing real estate business with enough clients coming to me that I had to open an entire brokerage full of agents to work with them all.     
Whether you are a brand new agent, part-time agent, or you’ve been an agent for a while now and just want a better way to get clients and have more consistent income, Agent Grad School can help. 

I’m giving you everything I did to go from selling two homes my first two years in real estate to having more clients than I could ever handle on my own and a million dollar per year real estate business without doing any of the traditional lead generation we are told to do like call everyone you know, knock on doors, or drive around dropping off pies and I never had to resort to buying leads either. 

I created a life and business that were bigger than my wildest dreams and it was all because I was able to figure out how to create a successful real estate business.    

If I can do that, you can make your own dreams come true too.  

I’ll show you how. 

Learn from an Agent Named One of the Top 1% Agents in the US 

—Bridget, Agent Grad School Student

"Do it! You won't regret it! The advice, training, road map, and timely resources you receive from AGS are far more valuable than anything you'll get elsewhere."

We stand behind our guarantee. Before you make your purchase, please view our full policy

No long-term coaching contract to sign, go at your own pace and stay as long as you are getting value. We know that once you become an Agent Grad School student, you’ll want to stay forever, but if you join us and you don’t feel like it’s the right fit for you, cancel anytime. No strings attached, no begging you to stay.  

If you want clients coming to you who see you as an expert and can’t wait to work with you to make their dreams come true, then Agent Grad School is perfect for you. 

Cancel Anytime Guarantee

You're protected by our...

They'll be Reaching out to you, wanting to work with You and Only you.

You'll Learn How To Attract Your Ideal Clients Right To YOU 

—Colleen, Agent Grad School Student

I was dreading doing things like cold calling and door knocking that other people teach. Now I know EXACTLY how to communicate to my audience! Agent Grad School has given me a way to consistently attract clients.

"The techniques are truly easy to implement and they work."

Here’s Everything Included In Your Monthly Tuition:

Let's sum it up.

The Core Curriculum - Six Modules that teach you how to implement the modern marketing and business strategies that make up the Agent Grad School blueprint for a successful real estate business.  

A Website Template - Choose from six options all designed to get you leads and clients. 

Done-for-You Canva Templates and Swipefiles - A goodie bag of resources you can personalize and use to create a professional image and get more clients. I give you everything I’ve created over the years for every step of your client’s journey, including my buyer and listing presentations.  

A Communication Strategy and Content To Personalize and Use As Your Own - You’ll get my exclusive communications plan and every word of content I used along the way. So you don’t get overwhelmed with too much content all at once, every month you are a student, you get another month’s worth of content to use as your own.  

Social Media Templates - Each week, you’ll get another set of social media designs in Canva that you can personalize and post.  

Live Coaching With Jennifer - Ask me questions, get feedback, I’ll help you get unstuck each and every week with calls on how to build your website to mindset and what you should be doing this month in your real estate business.  

The Tech Vault - Click-by-click how-to videos for anything tech related I teach.  

CRM Workflows - Have your CRM mimic the Agent Grad School system with all the templates, timing and to-dos you need to run your business from lead to years after the transaction is over.  

A Community of Like-Minded Agents - Get to know other agents from across the country and grow your referral network. Our community of agents is unlike any other I’ve ever seen—warm, helpful, and rooting for you to reach your goals.   

Anything You Want - When you have a successful real estate business that is scalable, which means it doesn’t take more time to get more clients, then you have the key to anything you want in your life. You can have the time and money freedom you’ve been craving.  

get started today

—Kelly, Agent Grad School Student

"Shortly after becoming a student and putting what I was learning into action, I received 3 referrals in two weeks!"

1.) I only teach what I’ve done and what worked for me. What I tell you to do is not theory. It’s not techniques or strategies that I haven’t used since last century. Everything I teach you to do is something I’ve used in my own business. Every strategy is tried and tested for years and is proven to work over the long-haul and what I’m still doing today.  

2.) Learn at your own pace, on your own time. You’ll immediately have access to everything you need to start transforming your business. Agent Grad School is completely online so you can build your business in a way that suits your own schedule.   

3.) Cancel anytime. No long term contracts, no strings attached. No year-long commitment. We know that you’ll love being an Agent Grad School student, you’ll stay for as long as you need, but if it’s not the right fit for you, cancel anytime, no questions asked. 

4.) A framework that brings out the best in you. We give you a blueprint to build your real estate business, but at the core of what I teach is how to bring your uniqueness to your market. So, you get a framework so you always know what to do, but you get to personalize your business every step of the way so it’s one-of-a-kind, just like you.  

5.) Your goals, not more sales. Yes, it’s great to be able to sell more houses, but that’s not our only goal. Our goal is to help you determine what you want your life to be like and help you create a real estate business that makes the life you want possible. Sometimes that means selling more houses, sometimes it means doing less than you are right now.  

6.) Client-focused, not transaction focused. We focus on helping you create a client experience you are proud of from your marketing to how you keep in touch with clients well after the transaction is over. We teach you how to add value to people’s lives and be their go-to resource for all things real estate, even if they aren’t buying or selling a home anytime soon.  

What Sets Agent Grad School Apart From Other Real Estate Training and Coaching Programs:

Tami, Agent Grad School Student

"I love this program!"

Here’s the top questions I get asked about Agent Grad School…

You Probably Have Some Questions…

Agent Grad School was designed to be a year-long program, however you are under no obligation to stay the entire year. You can cancel anytime you’d like. We believe that after you immerse yourself in our curriculum for one year, your real estate business and life will be completely changed for the better. You will have learned the skills necessary for success in this industry, implemented what you’ve learned and will see the difference in the way you think, the actions you take and the results you have. Many of our students want to stay a part of Agent Grad School even after one year and we encourage you do to just that! That’s why, after you are a student for one year, you are granted “lifetime access” to the Agent Grad School student portal and all content therein.  That means no payments after 12 months and access to all the materials in the student portal as well as any updates we make along the way. 

There are three types of people who benefit the most from this program.

1.) You’re JUST getting started in your business and you’re REALLY struggling to get your first customer. You’re terrified of being sales-y and are starting to question why someone would choose you to be their agent. (Of course they do! You just haven’t learned a non-salesy way to do it.)

2.) You’re getting a few sales here and there, but money is TIGHT. You need more clients more consistently and more consistent income so you can have the life you wanted when you decided to become an agent. (Hint: This program shows you how to do it.)

3.) You’ve been an agent for a while and you are still working way too hard to get clients. You keep thinking there's got to be a better way. You’re READY to stop doing old-school tactics like door knocking, dropping off pies, or calling everyone you know. You don't want to buy leads, you want to create them for yourself once and for all.  

If you fit one of the profiles above, then you are a perfect fit for Agent Grad School.  

When you enroll today, you’ll get immediate access to an exclusive student portal where all your course materials are ready for you to access anytime, anywhere.

Each module is full of videos, worksheets, templates and checklists designed to help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

You'll also get our weekly coaching call calendar and be able to join other agents from throughout the US get the support to grow a profitable real estate business.  

There is no way to fall behind! Agent Grad School is a go at your own pace program. We give you immediate access to everything we offer so you can learn how to be a successful agent on YOUR schedule. If you miss a coaching call, no problem, every one is recording and stored in the student portal.

We'll meet on the weekly coaching calls to answer any questions you may have. There's at least two if not three calls per week! If you miss a call, you can watch the replay.  

It depends on how much time you devote to not just learning but implementing what you learn.  

I often tell people you get to decide where you are headed, Agent Grad School is the GPS system to help you get there and give you turn by turn directions, but it's up to you how fast you go, how many stops you make along the way. Good analogy for the road trip you are on. 

How quickly you get results, that’s entirely up to you. I can’t guarantee how long it will take you because it’s up to you to complete the program and implement what you learn.

They actually are. It's just the real estate industry that's behind the times and staying stuck using lead generation and marketing tactics from last century.  

What I did to have a successful real estate business and what I teach you has been used for decades and is proven to work not just be me, not just by our other students, but by thousands of other small business owners and entrepreneurs outside the real estate industry. 

So, you can either keep doing what everyone else is doing 


You can learn from someone who has tried all that already and found a better way.  

Which do you want?

It's your choice.

—Shayla, Agent Grad School Student

"Don't think about it and don't waste your money anywhere else. AGS is THE place to be."

What’s Possible For You?

If you are still reading this, you owe it to yourself to see what you are capable of.  

You owe it to yourself to try something new.    

What if having the real estate business you’ve always wanted was possible for you?

What if everything you’ve heard or tried before just wasn’t how you wanted to do it?   

What if you’ve just been waiting for a different approach? 

What if you’ve just found it?  

What if you could attract all the clients you wanted just by being you.   

What would your life be like?  

Let’s find out.

it's time to find out...

Ever thought, “There’s got to be a way to have more clients without all the phone calls, door knocking, and networking… 

Without having to pay thousands of dollars per month for online leads or giving away your commission in referral fees?

Ever wish there was a way to have enough clients every month without having to do so much to get them?  

There IS. Welcome to Agent Grad School.


per month

All of this for only

ENROLL NOW with just one monthly payment for everything

Backed by our cancel anytime guarantee. No long term commitment. Cancel whenever you'd like.